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Recognizing that infusing new thinking into the staffing industry would result in applicants and clients being more productive, then tenets of Workforce Systems and, ultimately, Employers Depot, Inc.  evolved.  Applying real world business ethics and advance automation techniques, Employers Depot, Inc. continues to lead the industry away from convention to methodologies that enhance productivity.  The journey started in June of 1985, the destinations sought by Employers Depot principals are couched in proven successes. 
     Based in Ventura, California, Employers Depot Inc., supports small/medium size companies in over 50 different industries with comprehensive services and benefits.  With its national workers compensation program and national employee benefit plans, EDI has the capability of providing its' many services to companies anywhere in the U.S..  Today, EDI provides services to over 150 clients and more than 4000 employees in a wide range of professional, white and blue collar industries.
     EDI is committed to providing superior employer and employee services to the business community.  The services include, but are not limited to:


  • Payroll processing and administration;  Employer tax reporting and payments

  • Workers compensation coverage, claims administration and safety assistance

  • Human Resources Management and Administration including:

    • Personnel Policies and Procedures

    • Labor Law Compliance

    • Unemployment Claims

    • Employee Benefit Programs and administration

     Workforce Systems:

  • Temporary Placements

  • Direct Placements through Executive Source Placement (ESP)

  • Payrolling/Employee Leasing Services

     Support Systems:

  • Hirearchy Software Development (www.hirearchy.com)

    • Personnel/Applicant Tracking

    • Resume Development

  • Computer Software/Hardware Services and Products

  • Time Clock/Job Cost Computer Base systems

     Employers Depot, Inc. provides a comprehensive, fully integrated and cost effective approach and alternative to employee administration and employer's risks.  EDI is a simple, but powerful solution to the very complex, time consuming and frustrating requirements of being an employer.


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