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Founded in 1989, RNLI was created as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to provide Human Resource services commonly known as “Employee Leasing” to businesses.

  • PEO Services are an innovative way of managing payroll, employer taxes, workers' compensation, group health programs, labor law compliance and related paperwork. RNLI relieves you of these responsibilities.

  • By joining our service, you simply turn over the nonproductive time consuming administrative work allowing you to focus on critical business issues. Remember, you're still the boss and you continue to supervise your employees. Day-to-day operations do not change.

  • RNLI handles all payroll matters, including government payroll tax compliance and reporting. The labor rules/regulations change so frequently that employers are looking for ways to cope with employment regulations. In order to avoid possible litigation resulting from misunderstandings or the use of outdated practices, we provide this support and keep abreast of all new legal criteria impacting human resources.

    • Payroll Management, Paycheck Processing

    • W-2 Preparation & Distribution, Tax Reports and Filings, Workers' Compensation, I-9 Compliance, Audits

    • Employment Verifications, Labor Law Oversight, Discipline & Termination, COBRA Administration, ADA Compliance, OSHA Compliance, Discrimination Claims, Unemployment Issues, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Credit Union

    • 401k Retirement Programs, Vacation and Sick Leave Administration, Employee/Safety Handbooks, Safety Manuals

Employees have the opportunity to select health, dental and vision programs at very competitive rates. The employees also benefit from our IRS 125 “cafeteria” program which allows them to pay certain costs with pre-tax dollars that affords them a significant tax savings. Other programs include Pre-Paid Legal Services, and Employers Assistance Program (EAP).


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