Professional Employer Organization (PEO) / Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

PEO Program

Our human resource division is part of a $156 billion industry, measured by gross revenues. Our service has been designed to blend seamlessly with our client company operations, building on a strategic partnership to fully integrate our expertise in the most critical element of business…it’s people!

Become a Co-employer with our clients, assuming the employer of record role which supports the employee administrative role including regulatory compliance. Our client maintains the operational / supervisory responsibilities maintaining the focus on their core business. 


What We Do

For Clients

  • Handle complex and burdensome regulatory compliance related to employees in the workplace.
  • Human resource management
    • Personnel policies and procedures
    • Employee handbooks
    • Diverse benefit programs
      • Medical insurance
      • Dental/Vision
      • 401k
      • Life Insurance
      • Additional Voluntary Programs
    • Workers Compensation Insurance / Administration
    • Payroll Administration
      • Labor law compliance
      • Unemployment claims
      • Payroll processing
      • Vacation, PTO, and sick time tracking
      • Direct deposits
      • W-2 filings
      • Tax filings

For Employees

  • Become the human resource department
  • Provide accurate and timely payroll services
  • Provide employee benefit programs
  • Provide professional assistance with employment related concerns
  • Provide improved communication related to policies and procedures
  • Compliance with Federal / State laws

Human Resource Outsourcing

  • Clients remain the employer of record
  • Clients outsource the human resource function to EDI / RNLI
  • We administer the existing programs including workers compensation, benefits, etc.
  • We provide all the same services as the PEO program but manage your existing programs and bring the company into compliance.