Staffing Back Office Support

Staffing Back Office Support Program

Is your staffing company struggling with workers compensation insurance, payroll obligations and California regulatory compliance?

We provide the solutions!

We provide a cost-effective program that brings new or challenged staffing companies into compliance by providing critical programs and services necessary to succeed in a competitive market.

We assume all back office functions, while your company maintains the front office/ client interface. We take the burdensome tasks off your plate so your company can focus on client development, recruiting and bottom line.

Your Role

  • Sales/marketing
  • Financial considerations/mark up for services
  • Sourcing, interviewing and assigning candidates into positions
  • Single point of contact for clients
  • Invoice clients
  • Receive payments
  • Everything remains the same

Our Role

  • Provide workers compensation insurance
  • Manage workers compensation claims
  • Payroll administration/processing of checks
  • Human resource support
  • Health benefits (ACA compliance)
  • Sick leave accruals/tracking
  • EDD audits
  • Unemployment claims management
  • Certified payrolls
  • Employment verifications
  • Employer of record

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